Rival Lacrosse Frequently Asked Question

Does my son or daughter need to have experieince to participate?

NO…Rival lacrosse can accommodate the both the beginner or experienced player.

How do we register for Rival?

All Rival registration is on-line through Thriva data management, the Fusion Lacrosse on-line credit card and data management partner.

How do waitlists work?

Slots are first come first served and fill up quickly every season. A waiting list is used once capacity is reached for a certain site for a specific age group. 

Waiting lists are used to ensure that Fusion Lacrosse has your information in the case we are able to accommodate your player at the site you requested. 

We can not guarantee a slot if on a waiting list due to capacity however once registration closes in mid-Feb the directors and coaches will assess all the team numbers across all sites and identify if more teams are an option at a site or if other sites have open availability.

Is my Credit Card and personal information secure?

Yes…Your infomration will only be used for Fusion Lacrosse program communication for the program which you are registered for. We will not share your email with any other service.

Does my child need equipment to play?

Yes…If you have a son they will need a Helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, stick and gloves. If you have daughter see will need eyeguards, and stick.


Are mouthpieces required to play lacrosse?

Yes …All players, both boy's and girl's are required to wear an athletic mouthpiece to participate in any Rival activity.

Does Rival promote equal play?

Yes…All coaches are instructed to play all registered players as equal as possible in any given practice or game.

Where do I find information rearding weather delay's or cancelations?

All weather delay's, cancelations and changes to published schedules will be posted on the Fusion website and emailed directly to the concerning teams or individuals at the email provided during the on-line registration process.

Who will be coaching my child?

Rival Lacrosse boasts the Triangle Areas largest and most experienced coaches. All of our coaches are led by paid site directors who have a lifetime of experience and are true educators first who also happen to be outstanding coaches.