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Rival 2018 Master Schedule

Download the 2018 Rival Master Schedule


Boys- $215/season


-          In order to provide an entry point opportunity for new players to discover the sport of lacrosse. Rival will provide full equipment for the season at a limited cost!

-          This allows new players a chance to learn the game, without having to make a large financial commitment at the outset.

-          Date and Time for Rental Equipment Distribution Day is TBD.


SPRING 2018 Practice Times & Information:                                                                                                                         

Location: Practice Location is TBD

Saturday Practice Schedule:

2/24: 10 am-12 pm

3/3: 10 am-12 pm

3/10: 10 am-12pm


Weekly Practice Schedule (Boys):

- Practice Days (Starting the week of 3/12/18):

1/2 Grade: Practice Wednesday

3/4 Grade: Practice Tues/Thurs

5/6 Grade: Practice Mon/Fri

- Practice Time: 6:00 – 7:15 PM




1-2 Grade Danny Fox Rival Legend     
C1 - Cary Bulldogs - Pupps 1(1-2 Grade)    
CH1 - Chapel Hill Pride - Bobcats (1-2 Grade)    
D1- Durham Blues - Blues (1-2 Grade) -     
D2 - Durham Blues - Eagles (1-2 Grade)-    
R1 /R3 Combined - Raleigh Rage  - Blackhawks (1-2 Grade)    
R2 - Raliegh Rage Stallions (1-2 Grade)    
3-4 Grade Danny Fox Rival Legend     
C2/C3 Combined Cary Bulldogs (3-4 Grade)        
CH3 - Chapel Hill Pride - Cheetahs (3-4 Grade)     
D3- Durham Blues - Blues  (3-4 Grade)     
D4- Durham Blues - Eagles (3-4 Grade)    
R4 - Raleigh Rage - Blackhawks  (3-4 Grade)    
R5 - Raleigh Rage  - Chiefs ( 3-4 Grade)    
R6 - Raleigh Rage  -  Stallions  (3-4 Grade)      
5-6 Grade Danny Fox Rival Legend     
CH4/CH5 Combined Chapel Hill Pride - (5-6 Grade)    
D5 - Durham Blues - Blues (5-6 Grade)     
D6 - Durham Blues -  Eagles (5-6 Grade)    
R7- Raleigh Rage  -  Blackhawks (5-6)    
R8 - Raleigh Rage  - Chiefs (5-6 Grade)    
1-2 Grade Scehdule - Chapel Hill Location  Field  Time 
C1v CH1 1 9:00am
D1v R1/3 2 9:00am
D2vR2 3 9:00am
C1v D1 1 9:50am
CH1 v R2 2 9:50am
D2 v R1/3 3 9:50am
CH1 v D2 1 10:40am
C1 v R1/3 2 10:40am
D1 v R2 3 10:40am
3-4 Grade Schedule - Ravenscroft Location     
CH3 V. C2/C3 Nuese Field 9:00am
D3 V. R5 Stadium 9:00am
D4 V. R4 Bowl 9:00am
BYE R6    
R6 v. C2/C3 Stadium  9:50am
CH3 v. R4 Nuese Field 9:50am
D3 v. D4 Bowl  9:50am
Bye R5    
C2/C3 v. R5 Stadium  10:40am
R6 v. D4 Nuese Field 10:40am
CH3 v. D3 Bowl  10:40am
R4 Bye    
5-6 Grade Schedule - Durham Academy Middle School Location   
CH4/CH5 v. D5 Upper  9:00am
D6 v. R8 Lower 9:00am
R7 Bye     
D6 v. D5  Upper  9:50am
CH3 v. R7 Lower 9:50am
R8 bye    
R7 v. CH4/CH5 Upper  10:40am
R8 v. D5  Lower 10:40am
D6 bye    
D6 v. CH4/CH5 Upper  11:30am
R7 v. R8  Lower 11:30am

Click Link Below to register

2018 Rival Lacrosse Spring Play League is Now Open!

We are excited to open 2018 Spring registration for Rival Lacrosse. Rival Lacrosse is the largest recreational lacrosse program in the southeast and we are proud to begin our 17th year in February of 2018. The Rival Lacrosse Spring Play League consists of boys grades 1-6, girls grades 1-8 with teams practicing and competing across the Triangle area in the Heart of North Carolina! The 2018 Rival Spring Play League will run from February 24-May 5, 2017. 1-2 practices a week and games on Saturday’s beginning in late March.


Rival Lacrosse is a recreational in-house lacrosse league with modified rules to help progress each player at every level of experience, even beginners! We have the most experienced and compassionate group of coaches in the area who are teachinglacrosse to help grow the game as a whole in the Triangle. We are proud of the foundation we have built to enable more people to be exposed to our sport and have several decoratedRival alums serving as coaches and referees year after year!!

We will be launching a new website in the next few weeks that will be more user friendly for announcements and weather updates throughout the season but registration is now open.

Each site will have specific practice times and days per age group with 1-2nd Grade 1 day a week, 3-4th Grade 2X a week, 5-6th grade 2X a week, normally 6-7:30pm as daylight permits.

Couple quick shortcuts for 2018

Cary Bulldogs Location- Cary Elementary

Chapel Hill Pride Location – TBD in Mid December 2017

Durham Location- Durham Academy

Raleigh Rage- Ravenscroft School

Wake Forest Wizards- Wakefield MS/HS


***There will be a $50-$60 new uniform charge for each player this year as we are excited to unveil some new & exciting sublimated uniforms for 2018****



Please email with any questions



Site Director – Chad Watson

Chad Watson grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA where he attended the Perkiomen School and played lacrosse for his father Reid. He played 3 sports in HS, Football, Wrestling and Lacrosse.  Chad lead his High School team to the PA North Eastern League Championship as midfielder and holds the distinction of scoring at least one goal in 52 consecutive games over a three–year period. He was a three–year All–league and two–year All–State selection. In 1997 Chad was inducted into Perkiomen’s Athletic Ring of Honor along with his father. Chad attended the University of North Carolina and was a member of the 1986 National Championship team and the 1989 ACC Championship squad. After graduating in 1989, Chad went to work with Sports Endeavors Inc. in Durham. After serving in many roles at SEI, in 1994 Chad went on to cement his own legacy in the Sporting goods industry as Founder and President of the Great Atlantic Lacrosse Company/LACROSSE.COM . He served on the NC–Chapter of US Lacrosse from 1997 – 2001. Chad currently serves on the US Lacrosse Industry council, and is an advisory Board Member for Major League Lacrosse. In his spare time Chad is the Director of Atlantic Coast Lacrose Events. Chad is the youngest of 5 and his mother Margery won a Bronze Medal in the 1984 Olympic Games as a Field Hockey Coach.   She is also a member of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Chad is married to Kathryn and has three children Tanner, McCabe and Wade.